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Client: Empark
For Empark’s conference rooms, we organized delivery and implementation of an AV system for the conference center, consisting of:

A Control System

Creston Control System is an extensive smart system which integrates the functions of the audiovisual and teletechnical equipment in the room. The system is controlled via an interactive LCD touch panel with a graphical interface, giving access to all the functions necessary to operate the equipment. Thus the system may be operated by any user without any specialist knowledge, rather than only by a qualified technician. Noteworthy, besides the audio-video equipment, the system also controls the room’s lighting and window shades. Moreover, there are sensors of the positioning of the partition walls, thanks to which the system recognizes the division layout of the Room and adapts accordingly. The Kramer control system was installed in the smaller rooms. It is a simple control system based on a 6-button keyboard, providing intuitive control of the AV devices installed in a given room.

Picture display system

The picture display system is based on state-of-the-art Hitachi projectors and 55” and 65” Philips monitors. The projectors use screens of 260 cm and 220 cm in the 16:10 format and have the WXGA signal connection. The LCD screens have fullHD connectivity. The signal of the presentation is connected via wall-mounted Atlon connections.

A sound system

A sound accompaniment to make presentations more attractive is replayed from ceiling-mounted Work CPRO6 loudspeakers. Sound volume is controlled from a LCD CRESTON touch panel. Another advantage is the possibility to choose the microphone we want to use in a given room.

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