We design & build active connection

Design and construction of ICT systems

We create network applications and IT services, design and optimize computer networks and ICT systems, as well as implement security safeguards for these systems.

We develop IT and telecommunications systems, implement new software, and install and maintain equipment required for the functioning of the company.

We design ICT systems for:

  • Business clients

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Public buildings

IT systems

Fully integrated and user friendly IT solutions allow companies to achieve better business performance; their role has never been as crucial as it is today. Therefore we design and execute such systems as:

  • LAN+WAN network systems
  • Virtualization
  • Data storage
  • Security systems

Telecommunications systems

Communication in business is very important nowadays. In particular, remote communication with another person requires the highest quality standards. That is why more and more state-of-the-art technologies are created to ensure high quality connection.

  • Call center systems
  • Unified Communication Systems
  • DECT and IPDECT telephony systems
  • Operator telecommunications systems
  • intercommunication (intercom) systems
  • Broadcast systems
  • Intersystem integration platform

WiFi 6 Captive Portal systems

Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) is a standard of the highest speeds, better efficiency and greater freedom of using the network in high traffic environments

The greatest advantage of the IEEE 802.11ax standard is the much higher throughput capacity, allowing a very large number of devices in a small area to seamlessly get very quick Internet access. In other words, fast Wi-Fi in railway stations, office buildings, conference centers, hotels or stadium arenas is expected as a standard.

Know Your Customer via Captive Portal

Captive Portal is an advanced tool to create professional Internet access points for your customers and guests, enhanced with Wi-Fi Marketing capabilities.
The system provides a broad range of functionalities required for secure Internet access, monitoring of the operation of devices and services, as well as execution and effectiveness monitoring of advertising campaigns.

System functionalities:

  • Internet access
  • display of advertisements
  • display of canteen menu
  • pop up notifications from the local cafe
  • website announcements
  • parking space booking
  • conference room booking
  • Information and integration with the local car sharing system
  • Wayfinder
  • TV signal streaming
  • VOD

Data Center

We offer all-inclusive solutions for Data Center Infrastructure, ensuring continuity of IT systems operation: from installation of equipment in the buildings which house the data centers, to design and installation of auxiliary engineering systems.

  • systems for server room management (DCIM) and critical parameter monitoring (BMS)
  • precision air conditioning units
  • uninterrupted power systems
  • fire safety systems and fire extinguishing systems
  • technical security systems
  • structural cabling systems

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