Eco-friendly murals for a better future

We design and create ecological murals. Our artworks are developed and delivered by professional artists.

Paint a future where clean air becomes the norm and city streets are galleries of green initiatives.

Taking care of our planet now becomes a work of art – your art.

1m2 of eco-mural allows every day:

  • Eliminate 0.16 g of nitrogen oxide (NOx)

  • Absorb 22 g of CO2

  • Reduce the exhaust gas level

  • Clean the air as much as 1m2 of the forest

Paints that purify the air

Photocatalyst paints are the latest technology that purifies the air from nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, as well as fine and very fine particulate matter, such as PM10, PM5 and PM2.5.

The air purification technology works directly on CO2 in the first month after paint application through the carbonation process and is able to absorb up to 237.8 g of CO2 per kg of paint applied.


"Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul"
-Pablo Picasso

Artistic Director of Omega Group

Lidia Golovatuk – artist of Ukrainian origin.
She began her adventure with art in 2003 while studying fashion design.

In 2008, she obtained a master’s degree in teaching fine and decorative arts, and in 2015 she completed another specialization in easel painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Her works have been exhibited, among others, in Kiev, Zaporozhye and China.

In search of inspiration, she visited over 21 countries in total and, as she says about herself: “I simply love what I do.”

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    The best realizations

    We specialize in designing and painting outdoor and indoor murals. Additionally, our offer includes ecological paintings for use in office, hotel and home spaces. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the works and projects made by our artists and to contact our consultants who will help you implement your ideas.

    Ecomural - Focus deep

    “Focus deep” or work about the depth of things,
    that if you look at something more carefully, and not superficially, new visions, new meanings open up.

    Our initiative to create eco-murals began with painting our own work entitled “Focus deep”. The reason for implementing the innovation was the desire to improve the air quality in the vicinity of the Intelligent Technologies building and to improve the ecological awareness of employees and local community.

    Our mural every day

    • Eliminates 13.24g of nitrogen oxide (NOx)
    • Absorbs 1859g of carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • It reduces the equivalent of pollution produced by 18 passenger cars
    • It cleanses the air as much as 86 m2 of forest