A conference room booking
system for Pracuj.pl

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A conference room booking system for Pracuj.pl

Client: Pracuj.pl
It goes without saying that one of the challenges in large office spaces is the proper management of meeting room availability, especially if there are many employees participating in the process.

What can help is a well-designed and implemented room booking system which uses screens to display, in a friendly manner, the schedule of currently planned meetings and makes it possible for users to make new bookings for the individual rooms.

The URVE system we have implemented covers 27 rooms fitted with LOBO 10’’ touch panels. These are all-in-one devices made up of an LCD screen enclosed in an aesthetic steel case and a player running on URVE software. The LOBO panels with a server for room booking signal conveniently the occupancy of each room and let employees search for a room that is available at the moment, and book it. The data entered is automatically displayed on the screen; in this way, the information is always up-to-date and every user is aware of the current status of room occupancy. Moreover, a server integrated with Microsoft Exchange Client allows employees to book rooms using their email application. Full scope of the system’s controls is available for authorized users via an Internet browser-based administrator’s panel, which also has the functionality of manual corrections to the booking schedule of each room.


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